Waiting For Sleep Part One - 35' - 2019 (Log in)

Aide à la création individuelle de la DRAC d'Ile de France
Amsterdam Fonds Voor de Koonst
Le Fresnoy-studio national des arts contemporains

Festival du nouveau Cinéma, Montréal 2018
Festival Côté court, Pantin 2019

Waiting For Sleep is a 'CGI' tale about the last three days of a young man – Will - who lives inside a zone populated by zombies. The days of Will are spent picking up stuff and building defenses around his house on one hand, and trying to reach and make up with his ex-girlfriend on the other hand. At night he sleepwalks, and unconsciously damages the defenses he has been constructing during the day.

In post-apocalyptic films, there is a pattern that keeps repeating itself: the shelter, where the few survivors barricade themselves. In wood, in stone, in a fort and in an entire city - it remains temporary. When the door is sealed off, the threat finds its way through the mind, and the refuge is soon made obsolete.

In a tiny house where I was living in Amsterdam a few years ago, I had a vision in which I saw a frontier between the living and the dead that would have been easy for smugglers or solitary souls to cross because in the end it was too expensive to maintain.

In Waiting for Sleep, I wanted to investigate the form of a diary through 3D animation. Taking ground on the genre fantastic, I wanted to constitute an animated film which recounts the daily life of a character – Will. This tale is commented by Will, via sms. The dialogue – very ordianary – will take the opposite direction from the action. My characters, often in a state of doubting, start telling about another world than the one where they move in – the fiction. The other world is our reality. They talk about our daily worries, our banal tasks, through this window opened in the fiction.

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